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5 years ago

"Down In Dixie" by Big City Brian Wright

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Fresh Tracks
New York City businessman runs out of gas and patience attempting to close a deal somewhere "Down In Dixie." A Southern Belle makes a roadside rescue and invites him along to the local honky tonk where the combination of cold beer, locals and Big City Brian Wright's band sway him to forget all about The Big Apple.

New York City businessman played by Chris Mannino of The Lipman Group/Sotheby's Realty Nashville

Southern Belle played by Mrs Big City

Location - The Springwater Supperclub (The oldest bar in Tennessee) - shot and edited by Rob Thacker Film and Photo
*Only the images of the persons involved in this video were harmed.

"Down In Dixie" is an autobiographical account of a simple, southern upbringing that produces a man who's not afraid to test the boundaries, knows what he likes, proud of who is and is honest, hard-working and good to the core. It's country meets southern rock! And that's never bad.

"Honkytonkitis" the album is available for download or stream anywhere music is available. Just search "Honkytonkitis" or "Big City Brian Wright".
Hard copies are available at