"Hard Love" by Goat

  • last year
Self-made determination to live life to the fullest, until the end and even then, some more. Loves shared and loves lost. Never giving up and gleaning wisdom from struggles and strife. That is the inspiration behind the new song, “Hard Love”, from Andy Rosen, better known as Goat to his legion of fans.

“Having traveled this country well and many times, I have always been taken by the road, always beckoning for unknowns and possibilities,” remarks Goat. “Wheels hitting the pavement driving through nature's elements and wonders. And what strikes me most is the self determination on peoples faces striving to fulfill their destinies. Putting food on the table and roofs over their families' heads.”

Rosen’s new song is an homage that most of us can relate to and appreciate. His own story, which includes the highs of major label contracts and international tours, and the lows of struggle, loss and isolation. But one thing remains constant, in his life and those who he pays tribute to in “Hard Love”. Being led by our lust for life, romance, and happiness. Never quitting, even when that seems like our only option.

Goat is known best for his hit song, "Great Life", which was featured in the teen cult thriller, I Know What You Did Last Summer. The Soundtrack ended up spending 18 weeks at #1 on the album charts and put the spotlight on Goat and his rising music career. In addition to more film features and radio hits, Goat signed a deal with Interscope records, has released 7 albums and toured all over the world.

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