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3 years ago

Christian O - "Hellfyre"

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Fresh Tracks
Christian O is a Zürich based song-writer and recording artist. A poet and lover of music, he's released multiple singles and EP's, including his latest song , "HellFyre", which is available everywhere music is sold.

Christian has worked with award winning producers, and draws from the experiences from his travels, relationships, and this crazy thing called life, in an innovative sound that can best be described as a fusion of Pop/R&B/EDM and even Rock.

Christian allows for the creative channels to flow as they wish. He’s dedicated to creating music that is unique yet relateable. Art that encourages musical experiences from beginning to end and leave the listener with a deliberate sense of self empowerment.

"If I believe in one thing, it's that everyone is free to be just as they wish to be. Who am I to make any judgments on life? I am just passing by." - Christian O

For more on Christian O, visit his official site and socials:

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