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6 years ago

Part time work from home

mary madore
Envision having an additional 10 hours a week to go through with your children, complete tasks, even press in a couple long strolls — while regardless you take in substantial income. It's a dream for some ladies. While just 24 percent of utilized ladies work low maintenance, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, six out of 10 working ladies said low maintenance hours are perfect in a 2007 Pew Research Center study.

For most ladies, going low maintenance implies tolerating the conspicuous exchange offs. They frequently profit, lose advantages, and hazard putting their vocation off track.

In any case, there are ladies who maintain a strategic distance from the pitfalls and figure out how to have it all: These five ladies, all mothers, work 30 or less hours a week on adaptable timetables and still gain more than $32,500 (the middle full-time pay for a lady in this nation). Some of them make much, a great deal more. Perused on for their stories — and some profitable lessons you can gain from their prosperity.

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