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15 years ago

Global Warming (song): "How On Earth"

Songster Hiragana
The producers of this song, written by DH Bloom and recorded by Al Gore (listen to that voice!), are looking for a singer to cover the song or ree-record it with some different arrangements but with most of the lyrics the same. This is a global warming anthem song to try to wake people up to the dire future that might lie in store for humankind if we don't cut CO2 emissions worldwide soon. Time is running out; no, time has already run out. We need action now. If you or anyone you know wants to re-record this song and release it in a different way, please email the producers at danbloom [AT[ GMAIL [Dot] COM. also looking for someone to animate the song with animation video and video responses to the song using the same lyrics are also welcome!

Audio version here:


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