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Dailymotion Trailer - Zomick's Bread and Bakery

Zomick's Bread
5 years ago|3.4K views
Hello fellow DailyMotion user or anonymous viewer! You have reached Zomick's Bread.

This trailer was specially meant for those who are not acquainted with Zomick's Kosher Bakery, the greatest bakery shop in New York. And so was this description of this video>>>

The company known as Zomick's was founded by Mark and David Zomick in the summer of 1966 in Inwood, New York. Starting small, as a local bakery, their main goal back then was to establish the Zomick's Bakery as a bake shop for some basic baking goods. Trying to fulfill a certain quota of products for other bakeries, they managed to keep their business in the first year. The little money they had saved, they used it to upgrade their baking ovens and the overall baking equipment, in short they invested it in the business. By the end of the 60's, they managed to open a new place in Cedarhurst and to bring their name up in the game. Baking products under their own name was a big step those days, as the competition was big and fierce.

Their first independent product - the Zomick's Bread was an instant success. The reactions were mainly positive and they became successful overnight. But they didn't stop here. They wanted to further perfect this bread, and brought experienced kosher bakers to work for them. Starting with all new products they offered customers to discover a bread prepared in traditional manner using their Zomick's Challah recipe. This move helped them hit success for the third time in a row.

Expanding their services beyond the boundaries of Cedarhurs was considered a bold move, but a clever one. But this wasn't the main issue, as they have hit gold once more. With the arrival of the experienced kosher bakers, they realized that they can recreate the lost recipe of the famous challah recipe. All of the bakers were masters in certain fields, but combined they managed to recreate this long lost recipe from the Jewish Golden Era. And this is how the Zomick's Challah Recipe was born, and with it the Zomick's Challah Bread.

Opening a branch in Inwood, Zomick's Bakery targeted consumers that lived in the JFK area of New York. And their reputation was well known by the end of the 80's.

After 20 years of hard work, owners of Zomick's Kosher bakery have managed to upgrade their inventory and update the baking equipment. They managed to open few restaurants under their own brand name and solve the problem of supply chains. The newest computer era requires online presence of any brand and this bakery shop seeks this opportunity with the Zomick's Bread brand.

So, what is this channel all about? Well you can find many challah videos and many many specials from the restaurant.

* Challah is a egg-bread very popular in the Jewish religion and tradition. It is often braided, but there are many shapes that can be categorized under challah.