8 years ago

UCI BMX Supercross World Cup - Papendal, 2013

Mariana Pajon is still the one girl to beat. Leading up to the final Pajon had not lost one heat. Alise Post looked strong and so did Laura Smulders. But in the ultimate race Pajon pulled away and rode to victory. She dedicated this one to the best daddy in the world by holding up a sign just before the gate dropped for the main event.

Pajon commented on her victory: "I never won a Supercross World Cup. This one is for my father in Colombia. I had very good energy today on Father's Day. What is my secret? I think I really enjoy what I am doing. This post-Olympic year is a transition year for me. I am just having fun. And this track is all about jumping and I love jumping. I was going fast and smooth because of that."

Van Gorkom lives up to his promise

Van Gorkom is not a regular Dutchman. The Dutch in general only brag or boast about something afterwards but never claim to be the best beforehand. Van Gorkom however did just that. And he delivered a win, living up to his own expectations.

In the time trials on Saturday, the Dutchman was outperformed by Connor Fields (USA). On Sunday, Fields again looked very strong in the earlier rounds. But the Vegas kid crashed in the first turn of the quarterfinals.

Van Gorkom commented: "Great to be back on top after 2012. I had to prove that I could really win this race. I also mentioned this before. I am not arrogant but convinced that I belong on the podium in this form. I am really proud of myself and I am looking forward to the World Championships in New Zealand. "