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Multisport // Red Bull X-Alps // Controversy at start (EDGEsport) 2013

The 10-year anniversary edition of the Red Bull X-Alps got underway in Salzburg, Austria but it was shrouded in controversy as Toma Coconea was stripped of the Gaisberg Trophy for deviating off the set route. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/EDGEsport

Salzburg Castle provided the stunning backdrop for the start of the 1,031 kilometre Red Bull X-Alps on Sunday.

It was extremely cordial before the start of the race but, as this was the tenth anniversary of the X-Alps, the competitive nature engulfed Coconea before too long.

He broke made the early breakaway.

Gaisberg mountain stood in his path.

Coconea maintained his lead all the way to the top of the 4,226 foot mountain.

Athletes can travel by foot or they can use a paraglider, there was no doubt how Coconea was getting back down the mountain.

Unfortunately for Coconea,. second placed Thomas Hofbauer won the Gaisberg Trophy because Coconea had deviated from the set race route.

31 athletes from 21 countries are competing in this years event, which sees them travel 1,031 kilometres from Salzburg to Monaco via 10 mandatory turnpoints.

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