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8 years ago

Window onto a painful past: Berlin remembers Kristallnacht

euronews (in English)
euronews (in English)
Shopfronts in Berlin are displaying images of shattered glass as the city recalls a night of terror and trauma. The German capital is marking the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht, when Nazi thugs smashed, looted and burned Jewish-owned businesses and synagogues across Germany.

Remarking on the commemoration one woman shopper said: “We should always remind ourselves that we were once such demons, which I find horrible.”

Another added: “We have so many people from many ethnic backgrounds, people from different parts of the world. They all should be happy here in Berlin and in Germany and we should always remember this so nothing like it ever happens again.”

The shop window campaign is concentrated on areas of Berlin that were singled out by the Nazi gangs.

Around 90 Jews were killed in one night of violence in 1938. Some 30, 000 people were rounded up and deported to concentration camps.

As Germany remembers one of its darkest days a poll of 6,000 Jews around the EU finds three quarters of them feel anti-semitism is once again on the rise in Europe.
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