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Jason Robo 9/11 was an inside job stickers delays flight, leads to arrest in Boston

6 years ago|66 views
While waiting at Boston's Logan International Airport for a flight home after visiting family and friends on the east coast and fed up with TSA I took some blank address labels and impulsively wrote "9/11 was an inside job" with various 911 Truth websites like, and The stickers were placed at the bar, a phone booth, on the plane for Delta flight 1165 and in the planes restroom. The act resulted in the captain reading the message out loud when explaining flight delays for bomb/sticker sniffing dogs to check the luggage, most people laughed and then some were frustrated with missing connections in Salt Lake City. Everyone was asked to exit the plane after the head flight attendant refused to fly. I opted to stay in Boston rather than fly to SLC where I know no one.

After getting a new flight with a restaurant and hotel vouchers I was arrested at the baggage claim when the lights were cut and a swarm of TSA, Massachusetts State Troopers and other goons. They called me the sticker guy, slammed me into the baggage conveyer, refused to read me my rights or tell me what was going on. I told them the lack of due process was a joke.They charged me with disorderly conduct.

I was released on my own recognizance after my arrest. I was blacklisted from Delta and refused a refund for my ticket. The story breached international news and Alex Jones had me as a guest to tell my side of the story. The mainstream media said falsely that I ran off the plane, yelled various things, had a Bush and Hitler shirt and that I said the stickers were a joke. I am a 9/11 Truth activist and former chapter president and my actions were definitely not a joke. I later received thousands in donations for legal support and my flights to fight the charges. I was eventually given a dismissal after pursuing trial.

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