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    Andrea Goh

    oleh Andrea Goh

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    Once upon a midnight dreary, while Mike, the ever grumpy debt collector, left work weak and weary. He then finds himself in a dark basement car park where silence sleeps. All that could be heard is the echo of his footsteps hitting against the cold, hard concrete floor, and the autopay machine, rumbling. No he is not alone. Not at all.

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    "Exit" is an action comedy done by a team of 6 fresh graduates from The One Academy, Malaysia.

    We are called the Rebel Banana.
    It took approximately 1 year for us to complete this film from pre-production to production and final.

    Andrea Goh

    Yap Wee Lim

    Phua Cardin

    Victor Tan

    Chua Pei Gin

    Chua Pei San

    Music by Patrick Woo [] and Khye Mun []