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Wildfire: First Ride In Memory of Anne Heche

Wildfire:First Ride (Hannover House) Starring:Chevel Shepherd, Anne Heche, Mo Brings Plenty, Adrian Paul, Michael Martin Murphey, Olivia Slatton-Fite, Thesa Loving, Cara Jade Myers
Inspired by the # 1 worldwide hit song by Michael Martin Murphey - and the legend of the Cherokee ghost horse - WILDFIRE tells a story of redemption and forgiveness as a young girl deals with her guilt following the tragic death of her parents. With the family facing financial ruin, the survivors move from Texas to Oklahoma to live with the Grandma Bette on her horse farm outside of Tahlequah. Emotionally lost and distraught, young Samantha finds peace from the attention she receives from a mysterious wild horse that seems to be following her as she walks home from school each day. Eventually, Samantha is able to contact and ride the horse - and with training help from a champion rodeo cowgirl - she enters competitive rodeo barrel racing and begins to accept her new situation. But her guilt remains, as Samantha hides the dark secret that she feels responsible for her parent’s death. She cannot forgive herself. With the help of a local Cherokee spiritual leader and the wisdom of the town’s local pastor, Samantha comes to realize a greater truth and a solace to her worries. Was the horse real? Or was it a spiritual messenger to help guide Samantha? Wildfire: The Legend of the Cherokee Ghost Horse combines a tale of native spirituality with Christian doctrine and values to create an enchanting film for all audiences.

Directed By Eric Parkinson
Produced By Christian Large, Eric Parkinson, Kyle Martens
Executive Produced By Morten Stisen, Dan Scholefield, Jonathan Cheng, Keith Blasingame, Michael Martin Murphey, Mike Snyder and Dr. Yoojin Lee Williams