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6 years ago

Assassin's Creed Pirates The Jack Snipe ship customization. Kenway's Folly or Templar?

AC Pirates ship customization for The Jack Snipe.
AC Pirates The Jack Snipe.
The Jack Snipe is a good brig for the middle of the game with the good power, defense and speed - all are level 3 from 6.

The Jack Snipe The Rainmaker (+5% Power) - unlocked by completing Mayan Temple Run missions;
The Jack Snipe The Order;
The Jack Snipe Kenway's Folly;
The Jack Snipe Templar;
The Jack Snipe Black Flag (it seems to me that Kenway's ship is the same brig);
The Jack Snipe Classic - basic white sails.

Enjoy sailing while listening to pirate's sea shanties.

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