12 years ago

Project 2012 - Part 6 - Expanding Thought

Marina Of Light
Part 6 of Project 2012

Thoughts interFEAR our system every day, every minute.
Are they yours?
Learning how 3D "works" and how to balance THOUGHT, how to get an answer from the "good" side .. is to see the other movies in This Project - 2012.

Good, Bad - in this 3D dualistic world everything excists in 2.

Black, White ...

Above, Below ...

It is YOU, the 3rd 'part' who can change these worlds ... from heart ...

Music by Hans Zimmer:
Mel On Cholly - MegaMind
Mombasa - Inception

M.M.I.X - ColdPlay - Mylo Xyloto album - download THAT in iTunes and educate SELF ...

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