Marina Of Light

Marina's Spiritual Movies
These Spiritual Movies are all made through channeling.
Pick one and get touched by it's energy.

Marina has been writing channelings and making channeled movies since 2002, to provide the Community, our Soul-family, with the information, initiations and vibrations for the Ascension Proces.
Marina's Masters Website is developed in January of 2005, after a long period of writing channelings, newsletters and articles in the Dutch language for various websites.

To write a channeling, or to make a channeled movie, requires a lot of skill; one must really know how to connect with the Universe, and which part of the Universe, to receive and share the messages, brought by Spirit Guides and/or Higher Self.

Marina lives in the Netherlands and learned to channel in the English language.

Ramah, one of the Ascended Masters, part of The Council of Twelve, or White Brotherhood, shares his wisdom through movies, music, energy and words. All words, images and music Marina uses to make a movie, are given by a Spirit Guide. While channeling and/or making the movies, Marina is in a kind of a trance-state. This means that not only the images, music or words provide for the requested information, but energy enhances the words or movies to help those on their Ascension Path.

We all are changing rapidly, every day!

Marina finds great joy and happyness to create a ONE-der-Full place of Love and Light, in words, movies, being together and sharing ALL wisdom.

Marina: "We ALL came to Planet Earth to be AWARE of the Great Spirits we really are, and learn about Unconditional Love, Oneness and enLightment. Marina's Masters Website is providing you with ALL you can do YOURSELF! We all have this great knowledge inside of us, you just need to Re-Member and BE."

Much Love and Light on your Journey,