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il y a 13 ans

Heaven (Fully Flared Intro Video Remix)

Unkle UK
EXCLUSIVELY ON DAILYMOTION : new UNKLE video directed by Spike Jonze and Ty Evans

Heaven is one of the standout tracks from the 2008 UNKLE album ‘End Titles – Stories for Film”, an eclectic collection of recordings inspired by the moving image.

Heaven was used in the acclaimed skate film ‘Fully Flared’ directed by Spike Jonze and Ty Evans. The collaboration inspired the directors to take footage and re-edit a sequence of shots that shows the Lakai skateboarding team demonstrate their considerable skills as they negotiate various exploding obstacles. With Heaven as the musical backdrop, the resulting marriage of sound to picture is quite extraordinary. No CGI was used and as far as we know no skateboarders were hurt while shooting this particular sequence, though that is hard to believe in some of the shots.