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The Guest - by Henrik Malmgren

Henrik Malmgren
"In a society where we take care of each other with bullets, the old widow Elsa is trapped in old habits. When her lonely dinner gets brutally interrupted, Elsa makes a decision that changes more than her own life, understanding that Paradise is lost without others."

Visit the official website:

Facebook page:​theguestfilm

Main character:​elsa.holmberg

In the 2011/march issue of 3D World Magazine there's a two page article about how the film was made (screenshots):​articles/​2011/​3dworld.pdf

'The Guest' is a 7 minute animated short entirely made by Henrik Malmgren, from script to screen.
The production was supported by Vestdansk Filmpulje and Open Workshop, and was largely financed by personal funds. (

Vidéos à découvrir

Vidéos à découvrir