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    An animation short film by Nicolai Troshinsky

    Animation short film by Nicolai Troshinsky

    Music by Shogun Kunitoki
    Sound design by Pierre Sauze
    Character design by Gina Thorstensen
    Background design by Cecilia Ramieri

    "A boy, having lost his glasses, can only see one thing in focus at a time. His sight gets attracted by the sounds that surround him. He will have to explore a blurry world of unknown places and strange characters."

    "Astigmatismo" is a short-film about the feeling of being lost. This feeling is created thanks to an extreme blur effect, leaving only a very tiny space in focus. The focus shifts and moves rhythmically, synchronized with the sounds and the music, revealing a constantly changing landscape.

    The optical effect of blur is at the core of the film, so to make this effect as beautiful and authentic as possible "Astigmatismo" is shot in a 5-level multiplane using a special lens. The animation involves cut-out marionettes and paint on glass. Everything is entirely made by hand and there are no post production effects.

    It is, however, computer-assisted. The camera and the lens were entirely controlled by computer making it possible to adjust the focus and the depth of field with extreme precision, allowing for a variety of focus effects that wouldn't have been possible to create otherwise. In this way, the film combines old school animation techniques with recent advances in camera technology.