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What is ADAGP ?

ADAGP is the French collective rights management society in the field of the visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography, multimedia, etc.). It represents almost 100,000 authors.

The society ensures that its members's royalties are collected and distributed under optimal conditions.
The key missions of ADAGP are to collect and distribute the copyright royalties accruing to its members for the use of their works, defend its members' rights against any third party, including in the courts, defend and improve Authors' Rights (Intellectual Property Law).

ADAGP collects and distributes all the royalties to which authors are entitled. It operates in the following areas :
• reproduction rights (books, posters, press, merchandising...),
• representation rights (audiovisual productions, public display...),
• resale rights,
• multimedia,
• private copying,
• photocopying,
• lending rights.