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Classic Game Room - R-TYPE for Sega Master System review

Classic Game Room HD reviews R-TYPE for the Sega Master System from 1988! This legendary horizontal SHMUP space ship shooter is one of the most iconic video games ever created. This review of R-Type shows gameplay footage from Rtype showing the reviewed game in all of its HD glory (upconverted from the Sega Master System) As SHMUPS go this is one of the big ones and has seen numerous sequels and remakes on various consoles ranging from the Super Nintendo to PS2 and Xbox Live Arcade XBLA. Blow away the Bydo bitches with an arsenal of laser beams and missiles and power ups and the force cannon thingy that you can shoot out and reel back in. R-Type gameplay is unique and different from many side scroller shmup shootersl like Gradius and Thunder Force 6. So here it is from Classic Game Room, a review of the legendary R-Type for Sega Master System. Originally released in the arcades in 1987 from Irem, R-Type is the bomb and an a true old school shmup arcade coin-op classic worthy of being reviewed and respected by Classic Game Room. Interestingly R-Type is not available on the NES.

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