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Advances in Speech Technologies | IRCAM | Nick Campbell

Nicolas Obin
Workshop: Advances in Speech Technologies
June 23, 2011 | IRCAM
Talking with Robots
Nick Campbell
Centre for Language & Communications Studies. Trinity College, Dublin

This talk describes a robot interface for gathering conversational data currently on exhibition in the Science Gallery of Trinity College Dublin. We use a small LEGO NXT Mindstorms device as a platform for a high definition webcam and microphones, in conjunction with a finite-state dialogue machine and recordings of several human utterances that are played back through a sound-warping device to sound as if the robot is speaking them. Visual processing using OpenCV forms the core of the device, interacting with the discourse model to engage passers-by in a brief conversation so that we can record the exchange in order to learn more about such discourse strategies for advanced human-computer interaction.

This workshop was organized by Nicolas Obin - IRCAM.