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    Hitman: Absolution - a Dailymotion E3 Exclusive


    by DM-Exclusives

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    First look at the newest sinister saga of Agent 47, master assassin, tormented by inner demons. GameZombie's Chelsey Matrix talks bloody murder with Io Interactive, designers of the ultimate stealth action franchise, Hitman, now in it's long-awaited 5th installment. On location at this year's E3 in Los Angeles.

    Hitman: Absolution - a Dailymotion E3 Exclusive, Brought to you by GameZombie TV

    Executive Producer: Spencer Striker; Executive Creative Director: Andrew Benninghoff; Associate Producer: Dmitrii Gabrielov; Camera and Writing by John Quick; Production Manager, Joe Meinen; Motion Graphics by Chris Proost, Brandon Hadnot, Amanda O'Donnell, and Andrew Von Haden; Original Music by Chris Bates; Produced and VJ'd by Chelsey Matrix; and edited by the world renowned Kyle Trueblood.