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Youth Brigade-Fight to unite

il y a 12 ans7.3K views

extrait du reportage "Another state of mind" sur la tournée de 1982.
There was a time not long ago
where we'd get shit, everywhere we'd go
but times have changed & so have we
we've creeping up on society
stop complaining don't you know
we've still got a long way to go

you gotta fight fight fight to unite
You get discouraged about wasting time
on bunch of kids with simple minds
but kids can grow & minds get smart
don't be negetive it's a start
no one's forced you, you can leave
it's not impossible if you believe
We've got to learn from their mistakes
Not just fill up this vacated place

Now is the time not long ago
it's time to prove this ain't no show
fight & kill & claw our way
think we'll make a better day
use your minds that what they're for
don't waste time trying to even the score.

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Youth Brigade-Fight to unite
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