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OUR FLAG - Ibrahim Maalouf feat. Sharon Stone (Official Music Video)

Ibrahim Maalouf Officiel
Ibrahim Maalouf Officiel
Third music video from Ibrahim Maalouf's 15th studio album "CAPACITY TO LOVE" out today!
Capacity To Love World Tour :

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Starring: Sharon Stone
Director/EP: Ibrahim Maalouf & Nicolas Tussing
Producer: Pedro Bringas
Producer: JJ House
Director of Photography: Pedro Bringas
1st AC: Octavio “Tavo” Estrada
Key Grip + Dolly Grip: Phil Gardner
Swing: Alex Waxenbaum
Editor: Nicolas Tussing
VFX: Foreign Xchange
Colorist: Pedro Bringas
Stylist: Paris Libby
Makeup: Amy Oresman
Hair Stylist: Sami Knight

OUR FLAG - Lyrics by Sharon Stone

This nation needs a vacation
From the presentation of your hesitation
You cannot stop your disassociation
From the unethical beautification of your campaign negotiation YOU CANNOT STOP
With world wide domination
Well it’s not that easy to obtain without cessation
Of the complete dehumanization
Of what we stand for
Tell him people:
Don’t walk away boy
We’ve got something to say boy Our Country’s not a toy
Don’t walk away
You don’t get to turn your back and pretend that all you start won’t be the end
You were told to love honor protect and defend you’ve torn our hearts, our flag it cannot mend Other country’s trust was ours on lend
When will they ever believe us again?
And whose money do you think you spend? Stop pushing, stop pushing, stop pushing, stop pushing, stop pushing us to the end
Yeah, tell him people:
Don’t walk away boy
We’ve got something to say boy Our Country’s not a toy
Don’t walk away
One wonders what will be your complete undoing
Is it that you don’t remember what it is or for whom you are working?
We were considered the free world, where are we going?
Freedoms a gift, a treasure, a decency, not a coin
You can spend on graft, deceit and not repeat annoying
Phrases to brainwash unassuming children going
From channel to channel watching people dying
Their spirits with convenient captures of coy
Reticent terrorists, fallen villains in front of millions of sad patriots who need more
Oh please tell him patriots:
Don’t walk away boy
We’ve got something to say boy Our Country’s not a toy
Don’t walk away
We want leadership with dignity and reverence for life
Memories provide possibility for more than death and strife
Roosevelt, Kennedy and King loved us too when unrest was rife
They were brave and true and wrote it with their life
Give us something real, a dream not just for you
A future without shame grief and despair
Wonder, love, brotherhood, education and care
America I love you, I treasure you and I am sorry for our mistakes
I want a leader who stands for our values, thoughts, mountains, skies, oceans, ozone and lakes
I’m unafraid to tell him:
Yes walk away boy
Cause we have something to say Our Country is not a toy
It’s time to

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