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SAHRAWI ENCOUNTER - trailer documentary by Walter Bencini

SAHRAWI ENCOUNTER, the courage to live for freedom.
Against the harsh and stunning landscape of the Western Sahara, director Walter Bencini tells the story of his voyage to meet the people of the Sahrawi. For decades this people has lived uprooted from its homeland and confined to tent cities bearing the names of the Moroccan cities left behind. As part of a group undertaking a voyage of solidarity in an effort to alleviate some of the thousands of problems afflicting this population, our narrator witnesses some of the constant concerns facing them, such as water scarcity and the difficulties of accessing basic necessities such as food, health care and education.
The Sahrawi people claim the inalienable right to their own identity, refusing to disperse and reminding the world, with peaceful obstinacy, of their existence and their right to self-determination. Thanks to international solidarity they manage to get by while awaiting enforcement of the UN resolutions recognizing their rights.
Nevertheless, in spite of their problems, the Sahrawi people preserve a truly amazing sense of dignity and hospitality that actively engages our visitors in an atmosphere of giving and receiving. Here smiles and gazes are freely reciprocated, generating the respect and acceptance that is the basis of authentic acknowledgement. Thus, in the end, it is perhaps our visitors who receive the most, marked by the courage, serenity and dignity of those struggling for freedom.

director Walter Bencini
running time 40 min.
format 4:3
production INSEKT MULTIMEDIA 2010
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