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11 years ago

CIMA, Curry Man & Super Boy vs. Fleisch, Fujita & Shiryu II

21/12/1999 Michinoku Pro-CIMA, Curry Man & Super Boy vs. Jody Fleisch, Minoru Fujita & Shiryu II

The first Japanese match I ever loved. My introduction to Puro was a VHS tape of matches from late 1999 Michinoku Pro from which this was the highlight. You can imagine my surprise when I encountered some actual puroresu rather than the Lucha inspired offerings from Tohoku. Why isn't Kobashi vaulting off the top rope with a shooting star press to the floor? I would ask nobody.
This match blew me away; Fleisch's aerials, CIMA's coolosity, Shiryu II's body hair, Super Boy in general, the flashy dives to the outside and the unbeleivable finish. Honest to Misawa, you need to watch this to the end for a finish that I still believe to be one of the best I've ever witnessed.
The cassette ended up ruined like an ancient porn tape that has been rewound and paused a thousand times, so this isn't actually my cap of the match, which will be the case for most of my uploads.