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11 years ago|149 views

Adventures of a Supporting Character.

SD quality is kinda bad, but HQ is a little bit laggy on the video, so it's up to you how you view it... if this was youtube there'd be no issues, but they suck and won't let me have an 11 min video.

Sean Cromwell is trapped in his life as a Supporting Character, always helping out other Main Characters with whatever their storyline needs in order to proceed. One day, Main Character Paul Indigo refuses to take on a case. Will Sean finally realise his dream of becoming a Main Character and solve the case?

Sledgehammer Productions is:
David Wheeler
Lachlan Macleod
Tom Markham
Sho Maekawa
Luke Seres
Veronica Kournoutos
Kaine Bryan
Deron Kim
Jeremy Hutton
Kuda Mabuto
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