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12 years ago|3.6K views

ToorCamp2009- monochrom - A Triumphant Gala of Public Domain

Ted Strain
TOORCAMP EXCLUSIVE - A TRIUMPHANT GALA FEATURING OF PUBLIC DOMAIN CLIP ART, with monochrom. "monochrom" is a worldwide operating collective dealing with technology, art, and philosophy. They have released leftist retro-gaming projects, buried people alive, cracked the hierarchies of the art system, ate blood sausages made from their own blood, created a festival for cocktail robots, propagandistic summer camps, monumental puppet theater, aesthetic pregnancy counseling, producing, promoting and destroying music, -- and some monochrom members are interested in robots and sexual intercourse. For More information visit - Recorded on July 4th Weekend at at a Titan-1 Missile Base in Washington State. Content Provided by - A World of Information Awaits You.