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14 years ago|4.4K views

Chris Matthews slams Ann Coulter

Say what you will about Chris Matthews, but here he gives vitriolic conservative Ann Coulter a wringing, but with finesse. He butters her up with loaded compliments, disarming her. Then he goes for the jugular, highlighting Coulter's bigotry, racism, and the absurdity of her political philosophy. Coulter becomes pathetic when she tries to get the audience to back her up, though no one really does. Two more things about this clip. One, the audience at first sounds enthusiastic that Coutler is there, but as the interview progresses, it becomes clear they were instructed to have this enthusiasm by the producers. Second, at the end of the clip, Coulter puts on her sunglasses, which she wears for the rest of the interview. I guess she can't say the things she says with someone looking her directly in the eye.

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