Nobody Wants to Die Cinematic Announce Trailer (2024)
  • last month
Nobody Wants to Die, an interactive noir story set in a dystopian New York City that explores immortality and the dangers of transhumanism. Lose yourself in Nobody Wants to Die’s sci-fi world launching in 2024 first on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and later this year on PC via Steam.

Nobody Wants to Die is an innovative experience taking place in futuristic New York City, inspired by neo-noir films, offering a distinctly visual aesthetic and intriguing plot. Playing as Detective James Karra you investigate crime scenes using time manipulation and advanced technology to uncover clues and unmask a killer in an era where death is a thing of the past.

Utilising the power of Unreal Engine 5, Polish studio Critical Hit Games have pushed the boundaries of storytelling, combining realistic cinema graphics and a distinctly unique narrative experience to deliver a non-stop, immersive story to the player in their inaugural creation.

About Nobody Wants to Die:
Lose yourself in the world of New York, 2329, where immortality is possible – for a price. Following a near-death experience, Detective James Karra takes an off-the-books case from his chief. With only the help of a young police liaison, Sara Kai, to assist him. Time reveals all as they risk everything in pursuit of a killer, uncovering the dark secrets of the city’s elite.

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