"I have a f**k it list instead of a bucket list - it's improved my life."
  • 4 months ago
A woman has a "f**k it list" instead of a bucket list - full of things she refuses to do anymore - and says it helped her improve her life.

Leah Marie Mazur, 41, made a f**k it list after her second divorce in 2018 hoping it would help her "clear out" the people in her life she felt didn't respect her or bring her peace.

Leah said f**k it lists are just like bucket list as they give you a goal to work towards but with things you need to let go of and no longer tolerate in life.

Her list includes not worrying about what people think, being mindful of her inner critic and being her own cheerleader.

Leah, a divorce recovery coach, from Buffalo, New York, US, said: "One thing on my list was not keeping people in my life who do not respect me or honour my boundaries.

"That was a big one for me.

"I think especially as women, we are a lot more likely to tolerate behaviour that negatively impacts your well-being because we feel obligated or feel guilt if we don't.

"That was something I had to learn the hard way and to say I only want healthy relationships in my life from this point forward.

"I am the one that is in control of that and the one who can set those boundaries to cut people out of my life who just don't align with who I am now or want to be."

Leah said a f**k it list is similar to a bucket list but instead of listing things you want to achieve you list what you no longer need to tolerate.

She said: "You've got to have that f**k it list - meaning for you to reach those goals and be the person you want to be, you need to think about what you no longer need to tolerate.

"What do you need to let go of? What beliefs are keeping you stuck? What habits are holding you back?

"Those are all things you have to say f**k it I am done.

"I am only saying yes to things that are going to get me closer to where I want to be and who I want to be moving forward."

Leah said that the majority of her f**k it list has been ticked off but some of them remain an "ongoing process".

She said: "I feel like most of them I have done, but then I create new ones as I go because I am always trying to push myself and grow.

"It is an ongoing process, it is not necessarily something that you can just tick off and then say 'OK, that is done'

"It is something that you want to be adding onto as you go."

Leah's list included not keeping people in my life who do not respect her or honour her boundaries and getting rid of anything that is impeding on her peace.

She said: "There were certain habits - I gave up caffeine, and alcohol and I started working out more.

"For that, my f**k it list was to stop doing things that weren't healthy for my body and start doing that were more healthy for my body.

"As I was tuning into myself and being honest with myself, I realised that those things didn't make me feel good.

"When it came to caffeine I didn't like feeling that I needed it or relying on something to function.