British Tanks That Need Adding To War Thunder - Part 1

  • 7 months ago
Despite having a large number of British Tanks, their are still many British tanks that could and should be added to the British Tank Tech Tree in War Thunder.

In this video I will talk about a few of these tanks and discuss why I think they should be added to War Thunder.

Intro: 00:00
Cruiser Tank MK1 (A9): 00:19
Covenanter Tank: 02:26
TOG II: 05:33
Conclusion: 08:27

British Tanks That Need Adding to War Thunder series:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Note: the Daimler Armoured Car at the beginning is in the game, I was meant to put the Close support version with the 76mm gun.

Link to TOG II barrel measuring video:

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