More British Tanks That Need Adding to War Thunder - Part 2

  • 7 months ago
Today we continue our look at British Tanks that need adding to War Thunder, focusing on the A20 Heavy Tank and variants of the subsequent A22 Churchill Infantry Tank, primarily the Churchill MK IV with its new cast turret and better MK V 6 pounder 57mm gun and the rather unique Churchill NA 75, fitted with 75mm guns and mantlets from damaged Sherman tanks.

Overall these tanks would be a great addition to the British Tank Tech Tree, giving us some cool and unique tanks that while not groundbreaking, would help fill out the British tech tree while allowing us access to some rather interesting tanks!

Intro: 00:00
A20 Heavy Tank: 00:33
Churchill MK IV: 06:38
Churchill NA75 (Added in Sky Guardians update): 10:32

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