British Tanks That Need Adding To War Thunder - Part 3

  • 6 months ago
In todays episode looking at British Tanks that still need adding to War Thunder we take a look at some rather interesting but often forgotten vehicles, such as the interwar Vickers Medium MK 2, which at one point had a strong case for being the best tank in the world, the Deacon SPG, a rather heavily armoured truck based tank destroyer and the AEC MK III, an armoured car which was the succesor to the AEC MK II and represents a sidegrade to that vehicle.

So join me today in looking at these vehicles, their history, stats, how they will play in War Thunder and why I think they should be added to War Thunder!

Intro: 00:00
Vickers Medium Tank Mk II: 00:28
Deacon SPG: 06:39
AEC MK III: 10:45

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