Chris and Meg's Wild Summer Episode 3

  • 9 months ago
Chris and Meg's Wild Summer Episode 3 - In a heartfelt journey that intertwines the beauty of nature with the bond of family, Chris Packham and his stepdaughter Megan McCubbin embark on an enthralling wildlife-watching road trip around the picturesque landscapes of Britain. This chapter of their adventure brings them to the scenic wonders of the Lake District, a haven of natural beauty and diverse fauna. To Chris's delightful surprise, Megan introduces him to the serene presence of alpacas, animals reputedly known to alleviate stress. Ziggy and Danny, the two chosen alpacas, accompany them on a tranquil walk followed by a soothing paddle in the shimmering waters of Derwentwater. But the Lake District hides more than just these gentle creatures.