Landward episode 9 2023

  • last year
Landward episode 9 2023 - Dougie is making his way to the scenic East Neuk of Fife, embarking on a culinary journey to unravel the mystery behind how this humble, compact area has burgeoned into a food lover's haven. His first stop is the lush, expansive Balcaskie Estate farm. Here, Dougie has the chance to witness their impressive herd of Lincoln Red cattle, a breed known for its high-quality beef, roaming freely across the verdant pasture. Next, Dougie ventures into the estate's artisanal butchery, a bustling hub where the beef from these very cattle is carefully prepared, packaged, and presented for sale. This slice of farm-to-table sustainability offers a fascinating glimpse into the farm's commitment to ensuring quality and freshness in their produce.