This Farming Life 2023 Episode 8

  • 9 months ago
This Farming Life 2023 Episode 8 - With the approach of summer and the days stretching longer, the MacDonald family busily prepares to round up their expecting Highland cattle on the quaint, secluded island of Vallay, located just off the shores of North Uist. This has become an annual tradition to ensure that the cattle receive their essential prenatal check-up and are supplemented with the necessary vitamins to guarantee their well-being. Over in the scenic Newtonmore, situated within the breathtaking Cairngorms, Jenni is brimming with excitement. After months of planning and construction, her brand new alpaca arena stands completed. Now, it's time for her diverse menagerie, which includes not only alpacas but also affectionate donkeys and spirited goats, to be carefully and joyfully relocated to their upgraded residence.