James Martin's Food Map of Britain episode 4

  • last year
James Martin's Food Map of Britain episode 4 - Chef James Martin, an icon in the culinary world, embarks on an exciting adventure in the skies, soaring above the extraordinary tapestry of the British Isles. This expedition is not just a sightseeing tour but an exploration into how the distinct and varied topography of these islands gives rise to a range of unique, delectable regional ingredients that enrich our plates. Martin's journey takes him to the bountiful plains and low-lying areas of east Scotland, an area famous for its rich produce. Here, he delves into the secrets behind Scottish whisky, a golden elixir that is globally lauded and considered the best in the world. He probes beneath the surface to understand how the whisky is not just a mere beverage, but a profound reflection of the very landscape where it is distilled.