The 3 Iron Laws of Relationships!

  • last year
Philosopher Stefan Molyneux answers questions from

What are the benefits of talk therapy and what should someone expect to do when starting talk therapy? What Do you expect from a session and things to do in between sessions?

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Does cyber-bullying violate UPB?
Various forms of blackmail are illegal of course, much of which has been made easier in the social media age. The abuse through texts, and the digital manipulation games people play might be passive-aggressive, does that violate UPB?

Hello, Steff. An aunt in my extended family has recently shared that she was sexually abused by one of her siblings growing up. The large number of siblings who are now all above middle age, have not yet shown any signs of addressing this or treating the offender any different which is greatly hurting the victim. I would really appreciate some advice here. I think the other siblings need a nudge to deal with this obviously uncomfortable situation and fully understand that they are hurting their sister. For further context, I think they are all traumatized from a bad father and are ill equipped to deal with this without outside input.

What is your take on the Law of Assumption by Neville Goddard ?
I came across this as my girlfriend often assumes how I feel or think without asking, and she’s usually not accurate so I find it irritating. My line of work tends to take a mental toll on me, and sometimes it’s hard to be upbeat and happy, my partner then assumes I’m unhappy with her or I take work stress out on her.
We’ve been together a year and half, we live together in a house I bought before our relationship. She was untrustworthy early in our relationship, where I’m certain there was an affair. I felt a lot of resentment and it took me a long time to get over. She still denies anything happened and wanted to continue the relationship. I caught her lying a couple more times afterwards. But still foolishly stayed with her.
Now this past August, at a high school reunion I got way too drunk and ended up having a one night stand. I chose to say I got too drunk and don’t remember what happened, as parts of the night I didn’t actually remember. But after people talked around town and she had heard things from her friends I decided to come clean instead of continue lying. It was a terrible thing for me to do. I think it had been easier for me to lie about it since I had been lied to multiple times by her previously.
She since doesn’t trust me (understandably).
Lately I guess I’m just feeling battered by work and home life, is it time to throw in the white towel, get her to move out and start over anew?