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Brute Force - album Brute Force 1970

Brute Force was a soul-jazz-funk band that released a single self-titled album in 1970, produced by Herbie Mann for the Embryo label. Solid album with strong vocals, great horn playing, dirty electric piano, killer two bass-grooves and percussions, along with the ultra-aggressive fiery guitar soul playing provided by the band's childhood friend Sonny Sharrock.

Richard Daniel - vocals, electric piano.
Sonny Sharrock - guitar.
Stanley Strickland - tenor saxophone, flute.
Arthur Ray Brooks, Teddy Daniel Jr. - trumpet.
Russell I. Ingles, Thoams Lee Williams - bass.
Robert A. Jones, Sidney Smart - drums, congas.

Do it right now.
Some kind of approval.
The deacon.
Right direction.