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Mom Kids Surprise Dad on Fathers Day Very Emotional

A dad got very emotional when his family surprised him on Fathers Day

Filmed by Robin Nelson this video features the filmer teaming up with her kids to surprise her husband Dominique The gift bag contains various items ranging from a beautiful card to Doms favorite chips and chocolates in addition to a piece of multi-tool equipment a punching ball and a t-shirt

Before he could check out his gifts Dom is reminded by his wife and kids how special he is for them and how much they appreciate him

Dom told us: My wife Robin Rah Nelson and my lovely children decided to give me gifts that meant so much to me I couldnt hold back my tears

This beautiful footage was filmed at the filmers residence in Kansas City MO on June 18 2018

Name: Dominique Nelson
Location: Kansas City MO United States WGID: WGA896723
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