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23 days ago

COVID-19 is changing health care for the better, says Scott Galloway

What will be COVID-19’s global impact when we look back on this moment in history? For Scott Galloway, the author, podcaster and entrepreneur and host of “No Mercy, No Malice” on CNN+, the pandemic didn’t spawn new trends, but it brought the ones already happening to the surface and accelerated them by a decade. Examples include working remotely, young adults living with their parents, home delivery of groceries and e-commerce. On “Salon Talks” with Mary Elizabeth Williams, Galloway unpacks why health care is “the most disruptable business in the world.” And change is already here. Galloway explained, “Pre-pandemic, less than one percent of doctor's office visits were virtual. By the middle of 2021, 30 percent were virtual.” Watch the interview above to hear more from Galloway on the doctor’s offices of the future and why he thinks free college is a dumb idea.