Why the French hated, but now love “Emily In Paris,” says Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu
  • last year
When “Emily In Paris” first came out in 2020, the French people generally did not like the show, which centers on an American who cannot speak French and lives in Paris. However, they eventually came around on the show and its charming characters, says Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, a French actor who plays Sylvie in the Netflix show. “The French didn't see how much [creator] Darren was making fun of the Americans too,” she said. “They were only offended about the fact that he was seeing with Emily's eyes, which is somebody who doesn't know Paris, comes to Paris for the first time and sees all the things that we as Parisians don't see anymore.” To hear more about Leroy-Beaulieu’s experience achieving success in her late fifties and Season 3 of “Emily in Paris,” watch the full episode here: www.salon.com/tv/video/dwuq6