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10 days ago

What’s it Like Being LGBTQ+ and Chinese? | The Thread S1E3

Have Asian attitudes changed when it comes to gender and sexuality? We invite 6 guests to talk about what it's like being LGBTQ+ and Chinese.

This is the third episode of The Thread, Goldthread's new show where we talk to people about social and cultural issues evolving in the Asian community today.

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Director - Hanley Chu
Lead Producer - Tiffany Ip
Executive Producer - Victoria Ho
Content Director - Dai Qian
Director, Video Dept - Victor Peña
Art Direction - EastWindGoodArt/ 東風美術
Hair & Make-Up Artists - Nikoo Chan, Katrina Pang, Agnes Yeung
Wardrobe - Darren Tsang
Videographers - Mart Sarmiento, Samson Jr C De Guzman, César del Giudice
Gaffer - Lam Fai
Lighting Assistants - Win Lun, Sisi Cheung
Production Sound Mixer - Dominic Yip
Animator - Stella Yoo
Copy Editor - Rachel Phua
Editor - Hanley Chu
Production Assistants - Nicole Chan, CK Lo, To Choy, Stone Shek, Jingyi Liu, Lyn Yang, Yoyo Chow
Director of Photography - Nicholas Ko
Producers - Hanley Chu, Samo Wong
Special thanks to - Katherina Man and Uncle Man