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3 months ago

Wine glasses that reproduce the distinctive elements of the sparkling collections

Arte Culinaria
Arte Culinaria
Another important novelty of HOST concerns the Barware segment: the trend of this period is vintage-style tumblers and glasses. In line with this trend, Arcoroc proposes the BROADWAY collection: retro-style shapes revisited in a modern key with new colors. With their sophisticated cuts, these glasses faithfully reproduce the distinctive elements of the sparkling collections that made the tables of the roaring 30s particularly refined. The moldings multiply the visual effects of the continuous play of light and
curious reliefs add tactile pleasure to these glasses.

As far as the Wine tasting sector is concerned, we are moving towards new forms that go beyond the ordinary, which always respect the high quality standards and guarantee an impeccable tasting. Thanks to the innovative effervescence treatment, Exaltation enhances the most delicate aromas of sparkling wines. Not just taste and smell, the transparency and brilliance of the glass allow for a multisensory tasting experience.