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9 months ago

Tenuta Sant'Ilario Pineto @ BIOFACH 2021

Arte Culinaria
Arte Culinaria
Tenuta Sant'Ilario is located between the sea and the mountains, and stands on a #green hill overlooking the sea. It was born in 1982 and, although it has grown in technology and manufacturing, it has always remained a family run business. Our agricultural activities are: olive growing, production, transformation, bottling and marketing of olive oil and other particular derivatives. In 30 years of experience we have brought together traditional #food culture and modern technology.

The production of Tenuta Sant'Ilario today is mainly concentrated on extra virgin olive oil and condiments based extra virgin olive oil. The varieties of olives we cultivate are: Leccino, Frantoio, Dritta and the native cultivars are : Carboncella, Castiglionese, Tortiglione, Intosso and Leccio del Corno. The olives are harvested by hand, using traditional techniques and then processed with some mechanical aids.