4 Life Lessons - Jim Rohn - Personal Development

3 years ago
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“I truly believe Jim Rohn is an extraordinary human being whose philosophy can enhance the quality of life for anyone.” —Anthony Robbins

“Few men are endowed with Jim Rohn’s ability to motivate and effect changes in other human beings.” —Tom Hopkins

“Jim Rohn . . . is one of the most profound thinkers and mind expanding individuals I’ve ever had a chance to listen to.” — Les Brown

“Jim Rohn is a master motivator—he has style, substance, charisma, relevance, charm, and what he says makes a difference . . . The world would be a better place if everyone heard my friend Jim Rohn.” —Mark Victor Hansen

You don’t have to choose between wealth and happiness—they spring from the same fountain of abundance. With this book, you’ll discover the seven essential strategies you need for success:

·Unleash the Power of Goals
·Seek Knowledge
·Learn the Miracle of Personal Development
·Control Your Finances
·Master Time
·Surround Yourself with Winners
·Learn the Art of Living Well

Author Jim Rohn’s philosophy has helped millions change their lives for the better.
Find out what it can do for you!

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Motivation for Success Video
4 Life Lessons - Jim Rohn - Personal Development

Jim Rohn made the biggest impact on personal development in business and life. He's been implementing new different ideas and methods of personal and spiritual growth, into the ruthless business world of 60s', 70s', and 80s'.
He's great motivational speaker and this video is great motivation video.
The concepts that Jim taught in his seminars, courses, and books are widely used in today's business as the gold standard by more and more successful individuals, businesses, and organizations.
In this video he spoke about big challenge of life and setting a goals.
When you adopt all this what Jim spoke, next steps to milionar mindset.

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