$1M Human Ken Doll Reunites With Jessica Alves After Transition | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

  • 3 years ago
JUSTIN “HUMAN KEN DOLL” JEDLICA often wonders how many other people have undergone fascinating or groundbreaking surgical procedures - and how many others like himself are also on their own quest for perfection. Today, Justin meets Jessica Alves, formerly known as Rodrigo Alves - the ‘other’ human Ken doll, for an exclusive and intimate day of hot gossip and the latest plastic surgery trends. Justin told Truly: “I’ve known Jessica for about six and a half years. Back at that point, Jessica was still living as Rodrigo. So this is my first opportunity to be able to actually see her in the flesh and I’m so excited.” Justin has stayed in touch with Jessica ever since they first met, yet they still have a lot to talk about. Justin continued: “Jessica has flown from the UK to come and see me and ask my opinion about her next procedure. So now that I’ve got Jessica Alves here in Los Angeles, on my turf, this is definitely going to be the interview that everyone’s going to be talking about. I think that a lot of people might expect that there would be fireworks to have Ken doll and former human Ken doll in the same room together. But I definitely have some questions for her about how she’s felt through the years." The feeling is mutual for Jessica, who also has high expectations for the day. Jessica told Truly: “It's been a while that I have seen Justin. This is actually the first time that Justin sees me after my transition.” Jessica has new and exciting surgery plans on the horizon and she hopes Justin will be able to guide her on these with his expertise. Jessica said: “I'll say that he's a pioneer in customising silicone implants and I feel that Justin is really knowledgeable when it comes to the subject of plastic surgeries. He's very intelligent. He knows it very well. Justin Jedlica will certainly be the person that I'm always going to turn out to seek for cosmetic surgery advice." Justin finds helping others so rewarding as well as being able to point them in the right direction. After having Jessica Alves over and helping her with her next venture, Justin cannot wait for his next VIP million dollar body guest to arrive.
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