Jessica Alves Reveals Her New Voice | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

  • 2 years ago
TRANSGENDER woman Jessica Alves witnesses the results of her vocal feminisation surgery for the very first time on camera. Three years ago, 39-year-old Jessica began her physical transformation into a female body. "I didn't know that I was transgender, but I knew that I was different. Other people knew that I was different, my family, friends, and the boys at school who used to physically bully me only because I was different", Jessica reflected. "I wasn't like these people, then I realised that I was transgender." She has spent over £800,000 modifying every inch of her body over the past 18 years, including a breast augmentation and gender reassignment surgery. However, her latest medical procedure is one of the most integral parts of her personal journey. In this episode, Jessica goes to Kamol Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand for facial and vocal feminisation surgery. She explained to Truly why this step was so important: "I'm just so excited about this surgery, today is the very last day of my life - that I'm actually going to sound and look like this." She will be supported by her friend Darcie, who is also a trans woman and underwent the same procedures at the clinic previously. "You are judged on your face and your voice. The results are life-changing", Darcie explained. Jessica will see the dramatic changes in her voice levels for the very first time and reveal how she feels about it to Darcie.