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5 months ago

Cute Puppy Surprise for Girlfriend (2021)

This cute puppy surprise to girlfriend will definitely melt your heart and you will cry with the tears of joy!

"My girlfriend and I are both nurses. We met in nursing school 4 years ago and ever since then she’s been begging me for a cute puppy. I always made excuses on why we couldn’t get a puppy (we have to graduate college first, find a nursing job first, buy a house first, etc). This year has been tough for both of us at work with COVID, to say the least.

During quarantine, I started planning my birthday surprise for her to boost her spirits. I used the time to research breeders for her favorite puppy breed, a Goldendoodle. On her birthday she thought me and a few friends were taking her Kayaking to see manatees at one of the natural springs in Florida.

I coordinated with the breeder and we each drove two hours and met halfway between us both at a grocery store “on the way” to the natural springs. She thought we were picking up snacks and drinks for our day but little did she know she would get the little gift she had been asking for for years, an 8 weeks old Goldendoodle. And her reaction says it all. She cried the whole way home. Tears of joy of course."

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